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2015 Best Student Paper, GRA XiaoXiao Zhang, 2015 IEEE NEMS Conference.
2015 2015 Robert Bosch MEMS and NEMS Award, (Tai), 2015 IEEE NEMS Conference.
2012 Best Student Paper (Student: J. Lin), 2012 IEEE NEMS Conference.
2012 Professor of the Month (Tai), April, 2012, Caltech.
2011 Finalist Prize, (Student: W. Shi, blood count) , 2011 Lemelson MIT-Caltech Award.
2010 Breakthrough Award (Tai & others), Digital Sight, Popular Mechanics.
2010 Runner-up Prize (Student: W. Shi), 2010 IEEE President’s Change-the-World Competition.
2010 Best Paper Award (Student: J. Lin), 2010 IEEE NEMS Conference.
2007 Finalist of the Best Student Paper (Student: S. Zhang), IEEE NEMS Conference.
2006 Best Poster Award (Student: PJ Chen), MicroTAS Conference, 2006.
2006 Best Student Paper (Student: J. Shih), IEEE Sensors Conference, 2006.
2005 Excellence in Teaching Award (Tai), California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 
2002 Achievement Award, Association of Laboratory Automation (ALA).
2000 Finalist Aerospace Award (Tai), the 11th Discover Magazine Award, DISCOVER.
1999 Achievement Award (Tai), Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC).
1998 Best Paper Award (Student: J. Wright), NARM/EIA International Relay Conference.





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